Join the Choir

Here are the steps to get involved. It's easy!


Join the Choir

Here are the steps to get involved.
It's easy!

What you’ll need:

  • One device for recording video/audio
    - smart phone, tablet or camera
    - Headphones/earbuds.
    Tip: keep one ear free so you can hear yourself better!
  • A second device for playing the backing track - laptop, tablet, another phone etc.
  • A quiet space to record in with as neutral a background as possible.
    Listen out for fans, fridges, cars etc.

What to do:

1. Get Prepared

2. Set up your devices

  • Put your phone on flight mode and silent
  • Set up your recording device in LANDSCAPE with the camera on reverse so that the image is from your waist to the top of your head. Example image below.
  • Select your backing track on your second device: soprano, alto, tenor or bass
  • Plug in your headphones to your second devices. Keep one ear free.
  • If it's not too much trouble, to keep files small please change your camera video settings to 720 or 1080p (not 4k). Here are instructions for iPhone, and on Android use an app like Simple Camera.

3. Sing like a bird!

  • Press record on your recording device
  • Hit play on your backing track
    - you’ll be given your starting note and a 3 bar (12 click) count in
    - PLEASE CLAP ON THE BEGINNING OF THE THIRD BAR. This is the 9th click. It will help us sync the parts later. You can hear the singers do it in the backing track.
  • Sing like a bird!

4. You're almost there!

  • Once you’ve finished recording, listen back to check for mistakes and/or noise distortion and re-record if you need to.
  • Upload your new video (before April 30) by clicking here, or by navigating to the submit tab in the menu on the left.
  • Then, relax, read all about migratory birds, and get ready for the launch of our very first World Migratory Bird Day Choir on May 8th!

Extra Activity (optional):

Do you have a favourite migratory bird call that you like to imitate? We’d love to hear your sounds, especially some virtuosic whistling! Tell us which bird you're imitating in the recording.

Upload your bird calls on the submit page along with your choir recording and we’ll incorporate your sounds into the WMBD song!

Here are some of our favourite sounds to give you some ideas: Curlew, Godwit.

Thanks for joining the choir!
Don’t forget to tell all your friends to sing along too.
Follow us via #WMBDChoir on Facebook and Instagram.

The WMBD Choir team
Simone Slattery
Anthony Albrecht
Vivian Fu
Plus all the Godwits, Curlews, Stints...etc!